Global Credit ID for unbanked
Get access to credit and better offer conditions from banks
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Millions of people do not have access to credits
Most people are familiar with the importance of credit history. And most of us tend to have a good one. But millions don't have any.
Globalization affects people to move to different countries. Among them are high-skilled professionals, entrepreneurs & their families.
Young people
They don't have any previous credit history. They start from scratch.
Banks don't have data to measure the risks of unbanked people
It's so-called "thin file problem"
Banks do not have access to credit history
Banks can't assess risks properly and can't grant credit to unbanked
Our exceptional partners
Partners provide us access to 25 mil credit histories, innovative credit scoring instruments & business insights
Global Credit ID matching
banking risk assessment demands
Gembex product
We have created a solution, which combines cross-border credit history transfer and gamified psychometric assessment of a person. This will allow banks properly measure risks of the unbanked population, provide credit and profitably grow their customer base.
Gamified psychometry
Personal, device data & behavior patterns extraction.
credit history transfer
Blockchain provides security of cross-border data portability. 100% compliant with the GDPR.
Connect. Score. Generate value
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Data sources
Collect data from devices, social networks and directly from the customers
Innovate scoring & storing
Decentralized service stores customer data in an encrypted mode; and provides analytical services based on the rich data
Engage customers in game mechanics to share more data & took part in financial relations

Financial products match customers
Customers get meaningful financial products, control their data and generate economic value
Helping banks to get an access to
pre-scored millions of unbanked
Extract reach customer data
Personal, device, digital, behaviour & other data helps banks to make right decisions
Get access to credit histories from another countries
Blockchain-driven solution helps to transfer data cross-border in a secured manner & compliant with GDPR
Get access to millions of low-risk consumers
We provide banks with pre-scored leads highlighting customer financial reliability
Why us
Unique banking experience
For years we were working with banks to help them score their clients better, prevent fraud & generate additional revenue
Data scoring experts
Our team has an extensive experience in data scoring from innovative solutions for digital to classic scoring for banks
Exceptional partners
We collaborate with leaders in credit data scoring like FICO & CreditInfo. They help us to facilitate global & innovative data scoring experience to deliver data scoring for the next age
Well-balanced team
Gembex team consist of both experienced C-level execs and strong middle managers. Strong technical team is our cherry on the top.
The bank which first adopts this technology can become
a bank of 1st choice for millions of unbanked